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Let admin add the author's name and contact details when importing a proposal

Avatar: Pierre Mesure
Pierre Mesure

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It is today harder than it should be for admins to import proposals that were written by participants outside of the platform.

These proposals could be gathered during an event, in an idea box, or simply orally. Currently, there are several options for such cases:

  • Creating an account for these users and using the impersonation function (requires gathering an ID number from the person and having set up the function)
  • Creating the proposal as an official proposal
  • Creating the proposal as a group named "Anonymous proposal" or "Resident from X"

The first option isn't something that we've been able to use in any real life situation. The last two are unfortunately less than ideal for the following reasons:

  • The proposal's author name isn't displayed (Official proposal or a group name is instead). Usually, it is added to the proposal's body as a compromise.
  • The author's contact details can't be saved on the platform in an easy way. So admins have to keep track of them separately should they need to contact them.

Describe the solution you'd like

In the admin proposal creation form available from the admin panel, an option could be added to create the proposal as an unregistered participant.

Two fields would be added to let the admin write down a (nick)name and contact details for the participant.

The former would then be shown everywhere as the proposal's author (on the proposal's card, proposal page, etc...). It wouldn't be clickable and a little icon could indicate that the author isn't on the platform or that the content was imported (see screenshots).

The latter would only be available from the admin panel so admins can contact the participant (see screenshot).

Describe alternatives you've considered

  • Ideally, the contact field could even accept a telephone number since participants that didn't create an account on the platform or couldn't be convinced to do so might not have an e-mail address. In general, we see that process admins use SMSes and calls a lot more than e-mails to stay in touch with participants on the ground. So there could be a third "Phone number" field.
  • If an e-mail address was saved with some proposals, one could imagine that the participant creating an account with that same e-mail address later would become the author of said proposals. One could even imagine that an e-mail could be sent to the e-mail address when the proposal is imported saying "A proposal where you were identified as an author was imported by an admin, check it out here and create an account with this e-mail address to claim ownership..."
  • For accountability purposes, all proposals imported should be logged in the admin log, and the name of the admin could be visible on the proposal page in the admin panel (see screenshot).
  • At a later stage, the possibility of associating several unregistered users and their respective contact details to a single proposal could be added.

Additional context
The implementation details remain to be decided.

My suggestion is to create a new table called decidim_unregistered_users to keep these separated from decidim_users.

Could this issue impact on users private data?

Yes. Private information would be saved, but not more than for registered users. Since it would be filled by a user, a checkbox should be added to ask the admin to certify that they have the consent of the participant.

Funded by
Awaiting funding.



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