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This proposal has been implemented

  • Funded by by Decidim Association
  • Developed by Alexandru Lupu
  • Available in release 0.28 via #10039

Improve admin workflow to block “spam users”

Avatar: Aram

The problem & context

Many instances of Decidim have thousands of these profiles, but they don’t block all of them due to the tedious workflow of reporting and banning these types of users.

Proposed solutions:

  • 2.1) Combine the view of “reported users” with the regular “participants list”, adding the corresponding filter options (blocked/not blocked, reasons for reporting). This make sense, because actually you can ban a user without report them and to simplify with only one “Participants view”.
  • 2.2) Add selection checkbox to allow bulk actions (block users/dismiss report)
  • 2.3) Add a select list, with the expected reasons for blocking a user, to make it easier for the admin to define the reason why they are blocking in the “Justification” field. Text will be copied in order to maintain the actual data structure.

The proposed solution aims to implement an easier and faster workflow to ban a user.

How do we propose to implement this?

  • It’s better to implement it in core, because it’s a general problem.
  • But many instances of Decidim need to fix this issue in a short time, and we also appreciate the possibility of implementing it as a module if it is not feasible to implement this improvement quickly in the core. What do you think about it?

Funded by:

Some clients can collectively fund this improvement.

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