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This proposal has been implemented

  • Funded by Mainio Tech
  • Developed by Mainio Tech
  • Available in release 0.28 via #9604

Import accountability results from budgeting projects

Avatar: AH

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
A normal proceeding order in a PB process is:

  1. Collect and work on ideas ("proposals")
  2. Arrange the PB voting ("projects")
  3. Follow-up on the progress of the projects that won ("results")

Right now we can import accepted proposals to projects.

But, we cannot import "selected" projects to results.

This is a problem for admins who prefer not to waste their time doing copy-paste work.

Describe the solution you'd like
We would like to have a similar importing feature in the accountability component as we have right now in the budgets component.

The import should consider the following:

  • Copy the title and description from the project
  • Map the result to the same category and scope that the project had (or the budget's scope if the project does not have a scope defined)
  • Add the first "default" status to the new results
  • Add a "default" progress value from the first status or zero if no statuses are available

Above, the "default" status refers to the first status ordered by their progress percentages.

Describe alternatives you've considered
Manually copy-pasting the results or creating a custom script to import the results.

Additional context
We have already implemented this for our customer as a rake task: (External link)

We would just need to create a similar UI for this in the accountability component that we currently have in the budgets component.

The core implementation also needs to check if the budgets component is installed/available and only show this feature when it is available. Similar functionality already exists e.g. for mapping the proposals to the results where we are checking whether the proposals component is available or not.

Does this issue could impact on users private data?

Funded by
Mainio Tech can fund the development of this feature.



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