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PDF for participatory text consultations

Avatar: Nadja von Ballmoos
Nadja von Ballmoos


For information: this is what we plan in order to enable comments on PDF documents. Final funding decision is expected by July 5th.

  • A process-admin can upload a PDF document as basis for the participatory interaction.
  • As process-admin i want to define squares within the pdf (& image).
    (Each section allows users to comment on, similar to paricipatory text module).
  • The user can either scroll (priority 1, must have) to get an overview of the different pages in the PDF, or priority 2 (nice to have) jump from page to page in a document.
  • If the representations in a PDF or image file are too small to understand, a user can zoom in on a document, provided the original file allows for an appropriate resolution. This is particularly helpful for more complex plans that should be able to be commented on.
  • A user should be able to give general feedback on a participatory document and not just specific to sections. The feedback should be in form of text, pdf and images.
  • As a process-admin i can see the name of the assigned valuaor as well as the name of the user for easier administration.
    (Presumably for data protection reasons, the standard does not show this).
  • When a valuator is selected to comment on a proposal in the backend system, the valuator receives an email notification including a link to the proposal in the backend system.
  • As process-admin and valuator i want user-comments to appear like proposals in the backend. In order not to confuse anynone a new term could be used for this new hybrid form (e.g. suggestion). 
  • By default, suggestions should not be publicly viewable. 
  • As valuator (and proces-admin) I want to be able to place a priate message for the user to receive via E-Mail (other ideas?) for non-publicly displayed suggestions.
  • All suggestions can be imported into excel by a process-admin.


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