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Multilingual images/attachments for content blocks

Avatar: AH

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Content blocks allow us to customize the home page and in the future also participatory space home pages. We are using these content blocks for many purposes such as guiding the users, displaying videos, etc.

The problem is that the attachments or "images" as they are named for the content blocks only allow a single entry that is common for all the languages. But the instructional images or videos have to be translated many times, so it would be highly useful if we could define one file per language for these files.

Describe the solution you'd like
I would like the file upload selectors to work similarly as the translated text fields. This would allow defining one file per enabled language.

Or if not possible, show the file inputs for the different languages underneath each other.

From the technical side, I would like the "translated" field option for the attachments to be optional, as it is also for the text fields. If the "translated" option is defined for the attachment, it would behave as explained. Otherwise it would preserve the current functionality, i.e. one common file for all languages.

Describe alternatives you've considered
Adding multiple file/image fields to the content block but this has to be very specific to the instance as we cannot know which languages different instances use in advance.

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