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Partnership - Partners Relationship

The 30% rule

Open source projects, such as Decidim, are the epicentre of collaborative innovation, seeking a sense of community and shared responsibility. The principles of transparency, participation and collaboration are values integrated in the project for the success and sustainability of the project. Decidim is not only software, but also democratic quality, technological innovation and maintenance. The mission of the Coordination Committee is not to promote profits for the project managers, but to provide stability and guidance for the product.


For this reason, there is a risk to economic sustainability by promoting instability and uncertainty throughout the life of the product. This is in contrast to the benefits that partners can generate by enjoying a base programme, taking advantage of the free and open source licence, where the business can be oriented on an ecosystem with an (invisible) layer of maintainers and certified by them. That's why we have started to implement a partner policy a year ago (See: ).


The 30% rule is based on the conviction that any partner who profits financially from an open source project should be able to contribute a part of their turnover to the overall sustainability of the project, i.e. up to 30% of Decidim's official budget. This principle is not only a financial strategy, but also a reflection of Decidim's open source philosophy and social contract. It is a commitment to shared responsibility and mutual benefit that underpins the ecosystem for its long-term viability. It provides a steady stream of revenue that can be used to maintain and improve the project, ensuring its continuous development and adaptation to new needs and circumstances. In addition, it fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among the partners, strengthening their relationship with the project and encouraging their active participation. The 30% rule also aligns with the principles of equity and reciprocity. It ensures that those who benefit from the project also contribute to its maintenance, creating a balanced and fair relationship. This not only improves the financial stability of the project, but also reinforces its ethical and social values.


The funds raised will allow Decidim:
* Review community contributions
* Classify problems
* Fix performance-related bugs
* Improve the design of the platform
* Write more comprehensive documentation
* Improve the security and performance of the platform

Building a relationship of trust

In order to establish a relationship based on trust between the Association and the partners, the following aspects need to be taken care of:


Frequent interactions: Encourage more human contact with the partnership (not just asynchronous metadecidim).


Visibility in advance of what is going to happen: knowing in advance (as much as possible so that partners' agendas can adapt around the partnership and not the other way around) when discussions or calls are going to take place creates inclusiveness for suppliers who are members of the partnership (most of us are).

Incentives and gamification

The incentive policy aims to recognise and reward the financial contribution of partners to Decidim's sustainability. It is based on the principle of the "30% Rule", which states that any partner who obtains financial benefits from an open source project must contribute a percentage of their profits to the project, up to 30% of Decidim's official budget.


The following incentives are offered:

Recommendation to customers:

When the Association receives requests from governments that want to implement Decidim, the contact of the partners will be shared.

Logo visible on the website:

The partners' logo will be visible on the official Decidim website.

Priority access to Product Team

Partners who contribute financially to the project will have priority access to the Product Team to be aware of new features, improvements and updates. This will allow them to benefit from the Decidim's latest innovations and functionalities.

Participation in the roadmap:

Partners will have the opportunity to influence the roadmap of the project. They will be able to propose and give their opinion on the features they want to see developed, ensuring that the development of the project is aligned with their needs and objectives.

Promotion in the community:

Partners will be highlighted in the Decidim community as outstanding collaborators. This will give them visibility and recognition in the community, which can be beneficial for their own marketing and reputational objectives.

Participation in events and conferences:

Partners will have the opportunity to participate as speakers or sponsors in Decidim-related events and conferences. This will allow them to showcase their solutions and expertise to an interested audience.

Special recognition:

A system of special recognition will be established for partners who make exceptional contributions to the project. This could include prizes, certificates or special mentions in the community.


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