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Decidim Association - Coordination Committee Meeting

Plaça del Canòdrom, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña, España
OpenStreetMap - Plaça del Canòdrom, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña, España
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

Regular meeting of the Coordination Committee.

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carol, Angela, Bru, Núria. Guests: Andrés, Maite


  • Launch of a new website with updated brand and partner policies.
  • Decide the different contribution tranches of the partners, based on their annual billing. Nuria 
  • Activate Open Collective depending on the sections. Andrew
  • Review and write unfinished sections of the web, especially those of Partners and Services. Angela
  • Design communication of the new partner policy (prepare mailing, schedule meetings and decide who performs them). Carol
  • Plan the transfer date from Laura Vidal (design) to Populate (programming) to implement the new design. Carol
  • Design communication for the launch of the new website. Angela
  • Project subsidies 2022/23
  • AjBCN: biannual project (a single project but with 2 budgets, one for 2022 and another for 2023).
  • Generalitat: annual.
  • Some clear games:
  • Administrative management (Maite).
  • Maintenance and integration of new contributions (Andrés).
  • Management and legal advice.
  • Servers.
  • Developments? Communication?
  • wishlist newsletter
  • Footer editable
  • Creation of lists that include: region, language, interest, events, etc.
  • Writing and sending NL in 1 or 2 languages ​​only. Not in 3 compulsorily
  • Test shipment before general shipment
  • Sending interruption (in the middle of sending, by mistake)
  • Being able to send or forward a newsletter by entering specific emails
  • Analytics: how many people open it, in which languages, links, etc)
  • Information point conversations with Platoniq. Collaborative drafting of the tender specifications. Could it be an interesting service offered by the Association?
  • Information point conversations with Digital Fems. Possibility of hiring among several related associations (Digital Fems, Heurística, Ars Games and Decidim) an expert in writing proposals for possible grants and calls.


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