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Decidim Association - Coordination Committee Meeting

Plaça del Canòdrom, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña, España
OpenStreetMap - Plaça del Canòdrom, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña, España
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

Regular meeting of the Coordination Committee.

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Ali, Nil, Ant, David, Maite, Txema, Pauline, Fran, Xabi (from 18:30h CET)


1. Frequency of meetings

It is agreed to hold regular meetings every fortnight, every second Tuesday of the month at 17:00 (Barcelona time). The notices will indicate the start and end time (expected duration: 1h).

2. Nomination of positions (presidency, secretariat, treasury, members)

Nil is proposed as president, but he does not see it clearly. After a long discussion it was decided to postpone the decision to the next committee meeting.

3. Bank proxies (Triodos)

They should be the president, secretary, and treasury. The bank where the account is held is Triodos and requires proxies to open a personal account with the bank.

It is agreed to consider a change of bank.

3. Decidim Coordination

There is a coordination space between Barcelona City Council, Localret and the Decidim Association. This space was initiated in order to coordinate the emergency situation left by the non-granting of the 2022 subsidy.

4. Management of subsidies

In April, in principle, 100,000 euros will arrive from the City Council of Barcelona through a nominative public subsidy that will enter through the municipal budget.

The project has to be presented to the City Council of Barcelona. There will be an update of the project that was going to be for last year's grant. The project is entitled "Consolidation of the Technical Office of the Association", and aims to consolidate the team of the Association.

Currently, the Association has two permanent employees: Andrés (mantainer) and Maite (management and administration).

It is intended to hire 3 people as freelance:

  • Developer
  • Designer
  • Fundraiser

If in the long term it is possible to stabilise the Association's accounts, these profiles could be stabilised in the staff.


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