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D.I.C.E Modules meeting

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting
What is D.I.C.E?

D.I.C.E stands for Decidim International Community Ecosystem. This group was created In the eve of Decidim Fest 2022, when a workshop has been held to gather ideas on how to improve the Decidim community and collaboration between involved entities (mostly Decidim providers).

Can I join this meeting?

Of course! We will mostly talk about the decidim-ice modules maintenance and needs, so if you're interested, feel free to join us!


Presentation [16:00 - 16:05]

Everyone will present its organitzation

Actual modules in D.I.C.E [16:05 - 16:15]

Recap of the actual list:

Awesome 0.28 [16:15 - 16:20]

Planning work following the issue:

Other questions [16:20 - 16:30]

Open floor!


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