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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our goal

We want to contribute to the democratization of society through the development of technology, methodologies, practices, standards, actions, narratives, and values, in a free, open, collaborative, and thoughtful manner.

What kind of world do we want?

We want a radically democratic society in which everyone takes part among equals in common life, a key step towards a more egalitarian, just and inclusive society; in short, towards a better society for people. We have not waited to make this dream come true, but have embodied it in our own governance: it is the community that decides the course of the Decidim project and makes Decidim a technology of, by and for all.


From the beginning, Decidim has a Social Contract that includes the values of the project. All members of the Free Software Association Decidim agree to comply with this contract. It is from this contract, which can be found at, that the Association takes its values:

  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Equal opportunities and quality indicators
  • Free software to enable autonomy
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Transparency, traceability and integrity
  • Continuous improvement and collaboration between organizations
  • Open content for sharing and cooperation

What do we want to do?

This is just a list of everything we want to do in the near future ;-):

  • Research and creation of new forms of participation through digital technologies and hybrid forms of participation or hybridization between analogue and digital participation.
  • Design, development, diffusion and extension of digital participation tools that contribute to a more democratic and participatory society.
  • Management of projects, services, activities, human and material resources for the development and improvement of the Decidim platform and other projects and initiatives that may be related to systems of participation and democracy through digital technologies. As well as the extension of these systems of participation in countries or regions with democratic deficits through international cooperation.
  • Dynamisation of the Decidim community as a group of people and entities interested in collaborating in the development of the Decidim platform.
  • Maintenance and dynamisation of the Metadecidim platform as a communication and participation system for the Decidim community.

How do we organize ourselves?

In the Association we organize ourselves through different spaces, be they Governing Bodies or Consultative Bodies. As we grow we will be deploying all these bodies:

Governing bodies

They are the governing bodies of the Association:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Coordination Committee
  • Thematic committees
  • The Committee on Democratic Guarantees
  • The positions: presidency, secretariat, treasury and members

Consultative bodies

They are consultative and advisory bodies:

  • The Advisory Council
  • The Council of Cities and Public Administrations
  • All consultative bodies established by the Internal Regulations

What is our participation channel?

The participation of the members and all the organs is done either in person or digitally through the Metadecidim platform, an infrastructure created for the democratic decision-making of the Decidim community that can be found at


All the organs of the Association will publish, whenever possible, their minutes, agreements, reports, memoirs, budgets or any other type of working document on the Metadecidim platform, which will be accessible to all members.

How to become a member

People and organizations involved in the project can be members. Here we explain in detail how to do it.


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