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Analytics and statistics


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Analyzing Decidim participation data with Metabase

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After installing a bunch of Decidim instances, we saw at OSP the need for an analysis tool that can help agents of cities and organizations to understand the participation on their platform. Indeed, Decidim provides a basic view of what's going on through the back-office statistics, but we couldn't go further.

Using the free and open-source software Metabase, we discovered what data analysis could be interesting for cities to have in order to better understand the need of the citizens.The workshop will go through the review of a "traditional" Decidim platform, and show workshops' participants how to aggregate those data to get a grasp of which kind of contributions where made. More specifically, participants will be able to obtain ready-to-review dashboards like this one:

Maximum number of participants: 15

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 2 to 4, depending on the number of participants

Language of the workshop: (Can be Catalan, Spanish or English)


Logistical needs:

Personal laptops : one per person/per group of 2.

Whiteboard & projector

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