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Decidim Redesign: let's build together the Admin Dashboard

Avatar: Rober


As part of the improvement of the Decidim Participant Experience, from Populate we want to propose this workshop so that the community can collaborate in the redesign in an active way.

Through a session with administrators and power users we are going to lay the foundations for the new Decidim administration area.

How will we do it?


- Open debate in Meta Decidim to collect feedback from users

In the session...

- Present the most common pain points and how we at Populate see their redesign

- Leave a space in the session for each attendee to express their ideas for improvement

- Discuss these ideas collaboratively among all attendees

Let's build Decidim together!

Maximum number of participants:
15 (preferably users who manage instances of Decidim at the administration level)

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 2

Language of the workshop: Spanish or English (depending on attendees)

Logistical needs: Projector, whiteboard + markers, post-its and pens

Do you need support to come to Barcelona? Yes



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