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(Almost) Real-time Decidim deployment through Gitops

Avatar: Davide Barbato
Davide Barbato

Description: I'll present a fully automated Gitops architecture with ArgoCD, Kubernetes, terraform and Github Actions to allow developers to automatically deploy Decidim just with a single push in a repository, reducing friction between code change and production deployment.

I'll give a brief overview of the tech stack, focusing on the architecture and interoperability of each layer.

I'll show how the aforementioned setup make testing and deployment easier, allowing developers to focus on code and continuous improvement by giving a small demo.

Maximum number of participants:

Number of people facilitating the workshop: Just me

Language of the workshop: English, Spanish (whatever works best for the audience)

Logistical needs: Screen and a projector. I'll bring the laptop.

Do you need support to come to Barcelona? No



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