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Death to Lorem Ipsum

Avatar: Ali González
Ali González

Description: You ever tried to show Decidim using to someone to showcase its awesome functionalities, only for them to be scared at latin incantations going “Dolore et quasi incidunt quaerat”? Well we have. We think the Lipsum text makes it difficult to understand how each functionality can be used for real life cases. Using more approachable text, based on applicability, can help communicate Decidim’s potential to newcomers.

We propose a working session with the community to design specific use cases with real content. Participants will be divided into groups to work on a specific example, for example, a participatory budgeting process, a discussion forum, a participatory body of an organization.

These examples will be the future seeds of Decidim's default installations.

Maximum number of participants: 25

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 2

Language of the workshop: English

Logistical needs: Laptops (one every two persons), projector 

Do you need support to come to Barcelona?: No



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