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Nothing for Us Without Us

Avatar: Tech Revengers
Tech Revengers

Description: The aim of this workshop is to design for more diverse communities and facilitate spaces for them to organize, communicate, and participate on Decidim. This workshop will use speculative, narrative fiction to imagine the future of Decidim centering the growing multicultural and multilingual communities that exist in Barcelona. 

This proposal comes from existing work and workshops done to research a case study of what Decidim might look like prioritising the needs of multi-cultural, anti-racist actors and organizers. 

This workshop will use a participatory design method called design fiction to propel us into a parallel universe to more radically imagine how to ideate and design for a future where there are tools and resources for more trust between citizens and institutions and to decolonise digital rights. This workshop will specifically focus on ideating features and more inclusive design practices that would support their creation.

Maximum number of participants: 20

Number of people facilitating the workshop: 2-3

Language of the workshop: Spanish

Logistical needs:

Projector, post-its, pens, and large sheets of paper for people to collaborate

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