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20 meetings

🍽 Lunch
Closing and community photo
Technopolitical Transitions: Expectations and Promises in Decidim
Digital Environments for Care and Democracy: Youth-led Policy Making and Accountability
Collective Power and Integration: Integrating a Brazilian Free Software with Decidim
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks
Dialoguem! Sociophysical Modelling, Data Analysis, and Visualization for Augmented Deliberation
Benchmarking Decidim: What can we Learn from Similar Platforms?
Democratizing AI Procurement: Harnessing the Power of Decidim
🍻 Meet and Drink
Re Imaginations of the Future: Feminist Practices for the Defense of Human Rights in the AI Era
Ethical Challenges to the Democratisation of Artificial Intelligence
🍽 Lunch
Meeting of Participa311 Platforms (Decidim): Activate deliberation!
Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Participation
☕️ Coffe Break
Decidim Stories: Use Cases Beyond Cities
Collective Intelligence for Democracy and the Challenges of Decidim
Institutional Opening
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