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Decidim Fest 2024

#decidimfest24 Ecology, Technology and Democracy. Another future is possible.

23 Oct - 25 Oct @ Canòdrom (Barcelona)


DecidimFest 2023 will take place in Barcelona on October 18, 19 and 20, 2023.


Decidim Fest returns on 23, 24 and 25 October 2024 with the slogan: Ecology, Technology and Democracy. Another future is possible.

The climate crisis is, without a doubt, the greatest civilisational challenge we face as a species. The foreseeable social and environmental effects it may have, urge us to think about how to face the crisis in order to guarantee that the way out of it is fair and democratic. In this scenario, participation and democratic planning are two elements that, combined with the organisational potential of technology, can give us some keys to begin to draw these desirable futures that we want to inhabit. Even so, the questions that open up around the relationship between ecology, democracy and technology are many: What role can technology play in tackling the ecological crisis; what are the risks and opportunities in the use of these technologies; how can we move towards ecologically and socio-economically desirable societies in a democratic way; what kind of political institutions should we provide ourselves with to democratically manage the transition; what is the role of communities in all this; how do we imagine post-capitalist societies; and how do we imagine post-capitalist societies?

We want to ground these debates in Decidim, in order to address more situated and project-related questions. For example: The design of participatory processes that respond to the challenges posed by the eco-social crisis, the use of technology to facilitate large-scale deliberation, or the example of Decidim as a public-common good that can serve to think about the institutions of the future and the relationship between the public, the commons and the market.

In this edition of Decidim Fest, we will once again bring together our wonderful global community to meet, share paths, strengthen our collective project and try to answer some of these questions. We are aware that we have great challenges ahead of us, but Decidim is already a global reference for free and democratic technology in a growing ecosystem of FLOSS projects that are opening new paths of hope for a more democratic digital era.


📍 All sessions will take place at Canòdrom, this year there won't be streaming.

🟢 Decidim Fest is open to all and free of charge.

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