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Cultural Wars: cyber-sorority and new forms of fascism

Oct - Nov
30 - 01
Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats
Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona
Ground Floor
OpenStreetMap - Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting
  • Proyecto UNA

ūüéôÔłŹ R√°dio Decidim XRCB // Spotify // ivoox

The Internet has given those who had less representation in the conventional media the chance to get their message across through other channels, helping the voiceless be able to express themselves and feel as though they are not alone in the world. Support and communication networks have emerged worldwide, which configure a scenario full of possibilities for change: from Indymedia to the recent mobilizations for the environment, the Feminist Strikes or the 15M.

On the other hand, some places in the cyberspace have become hostile and reactionary caves. Under the premises of everything goes, trolling and for the lols, fascism finds new ways of existing and gaining adepts. Over masculized and hateful spaces such as 4Chan,, or Forocoches, serve wounded identities that, faced with the rise of other types of representations have regrouped and self-affirmed, finding a place to pour a message that seemed to have no place in the mainstream.

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