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What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility allows you to access content (website, documents, multimedia, corporate intranets, mobile applications, etc.), regardless of how you browse. Thanks to it, all users with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web.

It is essential for people with disabilities and also benefits older people whose abilities change with age. Digital accessibility is part of an equality approach and constitutes a fundamental political and social issue to guarantee all people, without discrimination, equal access to information and online services.

Web accessibility is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  • A perceptible website

  • A usable website

  • An understandable website

  • A website compatible with all assistive technologies (screen readers, magnifying glasses, adapted keyboards, etc.).

Accessibility on the Metadecidim platform

The Metadecidim platform is based on the free software The community designers are committed to creating websites with universal design and accessible content, without visual or technological barriers and for the greatest number of users possible, thus bringing institutional communication and the use of new technologies closer to citizens.

To achieve this objective, the WAI (WAI Accessibility Initiative) standard adopted by the European Union applies. The objective is for this platform to comply with the level AA accessibility guidelines defined by the WAI standard (WCAG 2.0).

This means that a person with a disability, as well as any other person who is in a situation that makes it difficult to access the information on the platform, can successfully access the content.

The evolution of new information technologies, both in web format and multimedia format, allows us to offer increasingly accessible content. The Decidim association, committed to accessibility, has considered that the dissemination of information on web accessibility and multi-devices are important services for users who require assistance to access their sites without difficulty.


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