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This proposal has been implemented

This incidence has been solved. It can't be reproduced in newer versions (from v0.26.0 at least).

Thanks for contributing to Decidim!

Error relating proposal to budget projects

Avatar: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Describe the bug
    Not able to relate a proposal to a budget project
  • To Reproduce
    Steps to reproduce the behavior:
  1. Budget component
  2. Edit a project
  3. Scroll to Proposals - Select proposal
  4. Search proposal, by ID for exemple
  5. System shows circle loading icon... and that's all.
  • A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen:
    We expect system to return the proposal searched in order be able to select it and relate it to the project.
  • Decidim Version: 0.24.3
  • Decidim installation:

  • Additional information:
    We have notice that there's a 500 error on console.


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