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405 proposals

Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
The initiative created with a sub-scope, when it is managed, is assigned the general scope
Amendment not withdrawn
Participant cannot vote (suppport proposal) if authorized
Conversations not generating notifications
Assembly "Admin has added you" notification includes unresolvable URL
Wrong translations on email when someone gives support to a proposal
Deleting an organization is not working
Unable to edit collaborative draft with attachment if attachment is enabled after it's creation
Locale update fails on sanity checks
Invitation link to committee members does not work (initiative)
Accés al submenú "Participants privades"
Failure when filtering initiatives by tag
Error on meetings page / upcoming meetings
No es poden afegir més d'un adjunt a les propostes des del panell d'administració
Include asterisk in the required field
Error 422 for password too short when they invite you
Mòdul processos actius no té en compte el pes dels processos
Notifications are sent if user posts a comment referring their own proposal/idea/etc.
L'enllaç del #hashtag es incorrecte
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