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406 proposals

Assemby admins must not be allowed to send newsletters platform-wide
Nickname validation is not in place
Amendment not withdrawn
Al Sign-in falta traduccions (en català) en l'error de contrasenya
Error al configurar els àmbits i el nombre de signatures de les iniciatives
Participació en xifres surt els quadres en negre.
Metrics without data
Create debates as a normal user in a private assembly
Error message finalizing proposal amendments with participatory texts
It is not possible to make official participant groups
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
Invitation link to committee members does not work (initiative)
Picture in newsletter have wrong URL and not shown
Notifications are sent if user posts a comment referring their own proposal/idea/etc.
Els pressupostos no notifiquen que has excedit el limit pressupostari
Consultations created before version 0.16 do not work if there is no scope (global scope)
Direkt link to create new debate gives error for not logged in user
Terms & conditions preview is not readable on Register page
PDF creation within Initiative not translatable
Error accepting admin invitation
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