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Analytics and statistics


402 proposals

The proposal sidebar layout is broken on tablet portrait screens
In the minutes of the session, a blank box appears if there is only audio or video
Impossible to access/edit/delete a page created in
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
Header snippets field can't be updated
Consultations created before version 0.16 do not work if there is no scope (global scope)
Interface: Use of 'support' to mean 'vote' can be confusing
Conversations not generating notifications
Error when entering a Conference event
The proposal card layout is broken on tablet portrait screens
Typo en uno de los textos de "sobre la comunidad"
Link to "download your data" doesn't work
Loss of hero image when the udpate 013.1 to 0.14 is made
Member List Assemblies admin panel
Participatory texts - too many restrictions on editing proposals
The process stats counters don't count well all the parameters
Error in posting a process
Wrong translations on email when someone gives support to a proposal
Continuity badge counter does not reset
Wrong label "No participants" in Participant CardM
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