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405 proposals

Proposed improvements to the user validation flow
Participatory texts - error uploading UTF-8 files
Direkt link to create new debate gives error for not logged in user
Error when generating external component: uninitialized constant Decidim::Generators::ComponentGenerator::Bundler (NameError)
I can't comment as a Group
Unauthorized actions with user manager roles
Processos es mostren fora dels grups
Participatory texts - several format issues in document view
Falta informació a notificacions de trobada
Error searching by scope in the search engine
Failure when filtering initiatives by tag
"Daughters' assemblies" are still shown despite having been unpublished
Participant cannot vote (suppport proposal) if authorized
Google sign-in icon reduced to tiny size when unregistered user makes new proposal
Return 404 if user does not exist
Announcement message displays on meeting form
Free textfield in survey disabled when clicking on it on Safari
Name of submitter not included in Proposal component export
Wrong URL leads to czech pages on
Assembly "Admin has added you" notification includes unresolvable URL
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