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403 proposals

Error message when I cannot withdraw my proposal is not explicite enough
Nickname prefix wraps on certain view widths
Es mostra malament la informació d'un resultat al mòdul seguiment
[Critical] Managed users with same name "steals" other person's identity
Selección de procesos pasados, activos, próximos y todos: Se queda 'colgado' "Carregant resultats..."
Sign button text doesn't change to "already signed" for initiatives
Raffle does not show up publicly
Filter selector not working on Mobile (with Firefox)
Error when generating external component: uninitialized constant Decidim::Generators::ComponentGenerator::Bundler (NameError)
Statistics automatically displayed when creating a new participatory process
Neutral terminology in initiatives
Interface: Use of 'support' to mean 'vote' can be confusing
Statistics blocks number overlaps text underneath
Detected language does not work as expected
Linking Assemblies
Enlace Plan (pdf) roto. Redirección a portada en vez de resultado.
Recomposició de respostes quan fas el modul enquesta
The activity stream and timelines do not display proposals
Assemby admins must not be allowed to send newsletters platform-wide
Incomplete url in notifications for add a file
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