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Supports are subject to the following rules:

  • You can support up to 10 proposals.
  • In order to be validated proposals need to reach 5 supports.
  • Each proposal can accumulate more than 5 supports

This proposal has been implemented

An accepted proposal that has been considered and taken into account in the drafting of the Statutes, in Chapter I. Aspectes General, since from the beginning, Decidim has a social contract that includes the values ​​of the project.

All users of Decidim agree to abide by this contract. It is from here that this 'transparency' value is extracted:

There is a related proposal, the MDC-PROP-2018-11-13364

[ES] Transparencia de la entidad / [EN] Transparency of the entity

Avatar: Official proposal
Official proposal
[ES] Los estatutos, las cuentas anuales, los documentos estratégicos así como el contrato social, código ético, el sistema organizativo y electoral estarán disponibles en el Metadecidim. [EN] The statutes, the annual accounts, the strategic documents as well as the social contract, ethical code, the organizational and electoral system will be available in the Metadecidim.


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