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This proposal has been implemented

Proposal accepted and incorporated in the proposal of the Statutes in Secció Quarta. El Comitè de Coordinació  and also in the proposal of Internal Regulation in the category of Organs and Functions, Coordination Committee.

You can make your amendments and comments on these articles in the participatory text.

[ES] Comité de Coordinación / [EN] Coordination Committee

Avatar: Official proposal
Official proposal
[ES] Creación de un comité amplio formado entre 20 y 25 personas donde esté representada toda la comunidad y sea el órgano que toma de decisiones de la asociación que afectan a su funcionamiento ordinario. Habría una persona por cada uno de los comités de trabajo activo de la comunidad y representantes elegidos de entre los diferentes roles (administraciones públicas, universidades empresas, entidades y personas). Se renovarían los representantes cada dos años, un año los comités y al año siguiente los representantes de los diferentes roles. [EN] Creation of a broad committee formed between 20 and 25 people where the whole community is represented and is the body that makes decisions of the association that affect its ordinary functioning. There would be one person for each of the active working committees of the community and representatives elected from different roles (public administrations, universities, companies, entities and individuals). The representatives would be renewed every two years, the committees one year and the following year the representatives of the different roles.


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