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Show the states of the results Import/Export tasks into the admin dashboard

Avatar: Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia
The Admin DASHBOARD don't show any information about the IMPORT/EXPORT admin tasks. As a deferred task, any import or export can be at least on any these states: - Initial (the task has been created by admin but not started yet). - started (the task has started to be executed), - ended OK (the task ended without error), or alternatively ... - aborted (the task ended due to an error, without performing the import or export wanted activity). Add to IMPORT/EXPORT the capacity to report about any state change onto the DASHBOARD, in order to the admins be able to know the state of any solicited process, including any accounting, completion detail data of the ENDED state, and in case of ABORTED any log or data that could be useful to the admin to analyze the reason of the process abort. This feature is often available on any application that is able to perform deferred processes in batch mode at user request.


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