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Make Organizational Charts Useful

Avatar: DataForGoodBCN

Currently, the organizational chart in the Assemblies main page presents some issues: the direction of the hierarchical relation between different items is not clear, the map becomes untidy when clicking, and some names exceed the limits of the figure. We suggest the following changes for fixing these questions and improving the usefulness of the chart:

  1. Add a super-mother assembly, which is Decidim, to add structure and make clear the hierarchy of the chart.
  2. Change the format of the chart to a family-tree-like structure (horizontal or vertical, but not radial), and consider adding arrows/colors to clarify the direction of the relations.
  3. Enable zooming in and moving the view through the chart to ease the visualization.
  4. Start the chart with folded children assemblies and unfold them when clicking their mother, which would help following the flow to the desired assembly.

It could be also considered to highlight the last clicked assembly and their ancestors and children. Finally, adding links to the assemblies main pages would make the chart more useful.

From this point we aim for the people to discuss the suggested solutions and explore new proposals.



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