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Majority judgment method

Avatar: Ouarda Oubahri
Ouarda Oubahri


Majority judgment is a method of voting that allows voters to better express their opinions. Indeed, voters can evaluate each option by choosing between several appreciations that range from reject to very good. All options are evaluated independently. This way choices are more democratic and consensual: the best evaluated project on average wins the vote. 
The majority judgment has three fundamental characteristics:

  • It is a value vote: voters are asked to evaluate options by giving them appreciations (e.g. 'very good', 'good', 'fairly good', 'fair', 'insufficient', 'reject'). Voters can evaluate between one or all options and can give the same appreciation to several optionsWithin the category of value votes, the majority judgment is distinguished by the use of the median to determine the winner,
  • It is a voting system that requires only one round of voting.

Since the city of Paris used this method for their PB in 2021, the method has become more popular among our clients and some of them are willing to finance this development.


1.PB voting is a highly critical moment of the participatory process. 

  • It attract many users with varying digital literacy so it has to be easy to understand and navigate
  • It is under a lot scrutiny by civil society and public officials which leaves little room for bugs

2.This is a development that will be proposed to the Decidim community with the idea that it will be merged into the core

  • This said, the development will to be framed with the existing functionalities of the Decidim module
  • There can be several PBs nested in a budget module
  • There are several existing voting method
  • The front end interface for project cards leave little space for a complex voting interaction
  • The front-end interface for the user’s current ballot displays : 
  • a completion bar, which relevance needs to be assessed
  • a list of selected project


Functional specifications

User story 1

  • As a user I want to be able to express my opinion in no more than 2 clics for each options directly on the index but also on the details page [mockup] 
  • As a user, I can only choose one of the marks for each project.
  • As a user, I want to be able to see a recap of the options I evaluated so I can be able to delete my appreciation on an option or change it
  • As a user, I want to be able to confirm that I’m done evaluating and cast my vote by clicking on a vote button. A confirmation modal will display to warn me that I won’t be able to change it afterwards unless I'm willing to start all over again by deleting my vote.
  • As a user, I want to see a success message after casting my vote 
  • As a user, after submitting the vote, I want to be able to see a recap of the project I evaluated and see my appreciations for each projects [mockup] 
  • As a user who already casted a vote I should get an error message if I try to keep on evaluating projects. [mockup] 

 User story 2

As an Admin, I want to be able to choose the voting rule for my budget module that will apply budgets nested inside

  • In addition to the existing voting rules (ex : Min budget percentage), as admin I will have a select box called “Enable rule: Majority judgment (Users can evaluate each project by giving them an appreciation that ranges from reject to very good) 
  • When selecting an input field displays that allows to set the minimum number of project I can choose.

Does this issue could impact on users private data?

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