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Changes at "Ability to publish individual accountability results"

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    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
    Currently the results in the accountability component are published directly after the administrator creates them. Sometimes this is problematic when the administrators want to work on the result descriptions and setup collaboratively before publishing them.

    Describe the solution you'd like
    I would like to have a publish feature for the individual results within the accountability component. Potentially it could be a component setting whether the publish feature is enabled or disabled for the component.

    What it would mean in action is that within the results listing, there would be an action button to publish/unpublish results, similarly as we have in the components view.

    Describe alternatives you've considered
    We have developed this feature as part of the Accountability Simple module available at GitHub as a way to bypass this limitation.

    Additional context
    This need is from an actual real life example where they work on the accountability result descriptions using another collaboration tool and then these descriptions are synced back to Decidim through the API once they are ready to be published.

    This workflow requires the initial result descriptions to be done at Decidim by converting the winning projects from the budgets component into accountability results. After this, the results are synced to their collaboration tool where they edit them and finally once they are happy, they will individually publish the results for the public.

    The reason for this workflow is that the projects are starting at different stages and publishing all the results with the descriptions from the budgeting phase would not add much value to the citizens/participants. Once the project starts, they will publish the project descriptions individually after they have collaboratively worked on their descriptions.

    For example, the exact budgets for each project or the implementing/partnering parties are not known for all the projects straight after the voting ends. Getting this information requires time and it will also not be available for all the projects at the same time.

    Does this issue could impact on users private data?

    Funded by
    We are willing to develop this feature to the core in case it is accepted.



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