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In addition to the partners (companies or organisations that provide Decidim services), there may be other actors who wish to collaborate with the Association. Recently, we have received requests from research groups to apply for European projects, or entities that ask us to sign collaboration agreements to work on the extension of digital participation in their territory. Sometimes, the Association has not been able to participate in these projects due to a lack of human resources and operational capacity.

This debate aims to clarify how the Association can collaborate with the different actors who want to build some kind of alliance with us.

Questions for discussion

  • What kind of collaborations or projects do we want to be involved in?
  • What criteria can we use to prioritise them (resources, contributions to the code, prestige, social objectives, etc.)? Who should decide and how?
  • Which organs of the association should lead these collaborations?

How can I participate?

  • By leaving your comments below. You can answer the questions or write your thoughts on the topic addressed in this debate.
  • Upvote for the comments you agree with. Your votes will be taken into account when drafting the document.

Remember to express your opinion respectfully.


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