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Decidim Association - Coordination Committee Meeting 25/01/2021

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

Regular meeting of the Coordination Committee.

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bru, Yuni, Carol, Nuria, Silvia, Angela, Juanli, Andres.

First meeting of the new Coordination Committee.
Review of pending issues and handover from previous team.


  1. Notify change of board of the association to Justicia
  2. Review how change of committee is ratified in the by-laws.
  3. Transfer Triodos Bank. We have already submitted all the documentation and are waiting for Triodos to open the account.
  4. Sign agreement with the Generalitat: 18/02 at 18h Canódromo.
  5. Renewal of agreement with Localret: Revised. It was signed on May 23, 2019 and has a duration of 4 years, with a possible extension of 4 more years.
  6. Review the obligations of the Association in the 2 current agreements.


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