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Decidim Association - Coordination Committee Meeting

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

Regular meeting of the Coordination Committee.

Meeting Minutes

Assistants: Nil, Pauline, David, Maite, Antonio, Ali


  1. Budget 2024

  2. Fest 2024

  3. Partners

  4. MoU with Afroleadership

  5. Agreement DIBA

  6. Community meeting

  7. Others

1/ Budget 2024

Budget 2024 prepared by Maite and Nil:

Two scenarios:

  1. UX designer profile added to the team

  2. 3 freelance profiles for communications, community and fundraising

It has been proposed to go towards a third scenario, which is to lower the budget for external developer, in order to have the fundraiser profile. We reduce the part dedicated to external developer (5K).

Once we have the proposal, it will be shared on meta.decidim to open it to the knowledge and participation of the community (members) with a view to the Assembly where it will be formally approved.

The committee approves such a scenario:

  • UX designer joins technical office from April

  • Decrease the budget for external developments by 50%.

  • Adding the fundraiser support profile

  • We are committed to hiring two new staff by 2024, assuming the increase in staff costs that this entails.

  • The committee is optimistic for 2024 and 2025 and we believe we will be able to sustain these staff costs. Now is the time to take a risk

2/ Fest 2024

Date: 23 - 25 October 2024

Theme: Democracy, Ecology, Technology

A book is coming out for the Fest

3/ Partners

We are starting a round of contact with all the partners and companies of the ecosystem. Mails sent to:

  • the association's current partners, to renew their contribution

  • potential partners (50% contacted)

First meetings with newcomers.
We need to further shape the partner programme.

4/ MoU with Afroleadership

Charlie Martial Ngounou wants to be a partner, but he is not yet a service provider. He wants to implement Decidim in Africa.

We want to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate collaboration between the two organisations and work towards the expansion of Decidim in Africa.

5/ DIBA Agreement

In 2025 it is very likely that we will have an agreement to receive money from the Diputació de Barcelona (25-35K euros).

6/ Community meeting

7/ Other

Who goes to FOSDEM at the end of January?


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