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Decidim Association - Coordination Committee Meeting

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

Regular meeting of the Coordination Committee.

Meeting Minutes

Assistants: Nil, Pauline,Maite, Antonio, Txema, 


  1. Adhering to the "Technopolitics and Genocide: Solidarity with Palestine" Manifesto

  2. Next events 2024

  3. Partners update

  4. Fundraising

  5. Bank

  6. Frequency of committee meetings

1/ Adhering to the "Technopolitics and Genocide: Solidarity with Palestine" Manifesto

Several members of the association ask us to adhere as an entity to the manifesto of solidarity with Palestine.

The manifesto is available here: 

Regarding the number of evidences that Gaza is a weapons laboratory for Israel (see for example this article), and the ongoing genocide, attending committee members see the signing of this manifesto in a positive light.

Regarding the concerns we could have about funding opportunities and possible critics, we agree that it is important to preserve political autonomy of the project.

In principle, there is consensus between committee members in adhering to the manifesto, however it would be good to verify the level of consensus of the association's members through an open voting.

2/ Next community events 2024

Those events are in preparation:

  • 22 Feb: Collective partner meeting

  • 29 Feb: Monthly design call

  • 13 March: Bug bash party for 0.29 version

  • … March: General assembly of the association (budget, etc.)

  • 18 April: Community meeting

  • … June: Translatathon

  • ?? Summer: Documentation hackathon, may be postponed due to a possible grant dedicated to improving documentation

3/ Partners update

Latest estimate for 2024 partners donations to come: 52K

We have two new partners already: Mitgestalten and Code For Japan !

Round with potential and existing partners almost finished, this year we should have 6 new partners in total.

4/ Fundraising

  • March 11: NED Application, could fund for communication and community roles.

  • Yesterday an extension of the PPA grant was submitted. If approved it will be 100K euros.

  • Google Season of Docs: Google documentación grant we will try to obtain.

5/ Bank

  • Renewal of the policy with the bank (to notify guarantors), in case we need to borrow money from them.

6/ Frequency of committee meetings

The frequency of two meetings a month has been useful to the new committee in its first year of operation, enabling it to get to grips with the most urgent issues and divide up its roles. After a year, operational work teams have been set up, and we can now space out these meetings.

We change the periodicity to one meeting per month, if necessary, we'll call extraordinary meetings.


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