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16na Metadecidim Operative Session (SOM)

  • Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats
    Carrer Sant Adrià 20, 08030, Barcelona
    Planta 3, Sala 2
  • 12:00 PM - 15:00 PM CET
OpenStreetMap - Carrer Sant Adrià 20, 08030, Barcelona
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

In this meeting we will work on the open participatory process about project governance: Decidim.GOV: Democratic Governance for an open community.

Decidim project needs a system of governance that allows it to enjoy sufficient autonomy to continue growing in a sustainable manner, which is why it has to be provided with decision-making and conflict resolution.

The objective is to define an organizational and representation system (internal organs and how they are chosen) that can be transformed into an autonomous entity or association from which the whole community participates and the project can be managed at multiple levels.


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