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Exceptional SOM: Constitucional Assembly of the Decidim Association

Sala 2, floor 3, Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats
C/Sant Adrià 20, Barcelona
OpenStreetMap - C/Sant Adrià 20, Barcelona
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

In this assembly, the statutes of the new decidim Association will be aproved, after voting on some amendments if necessary. The general guidelines of the internal Regulations and of the members of the Coordination Commitee will also be approved, wich will be chosen provisionally to create the census of associates and develop the aspects that have not yet been specificed in the Regulations. Those who have previously checked in Verification Commitee. 

At the end of the assembly, the founding charter will be signed by the members, so it is necessary to bring a photocopy of the DNI, NIE or passport. In case of signing the act on behalf of an organization with legal personality, it will be necessary to provide the mandate of the entity with a signed agreement of its governing body.


Asamblea fundacional 16-F

Inscripciones/ verificaciones [10:30 - 11:05]

Retorno del proceso de gobernanza por la Comisión de Seguimiento [11:05 - 11:20]

Presentación propuesta de estatutos, debate y votación [11:20 - 11:50]

Presentación propuesta de Comité de Coordinación provisional, debate y votación [11:50 - 12:20]

Dinámica: ¿Cómo influirá la asociación en el proyecto Decidim? [12:20 - 12:50]

Conclusiones y continuidad del proceso [12:50 - 13:00]

Cierre, firma del acta fundacional y celebración [13:00 - 13:30]


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