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Democratic Consolidation in the Digital Age: Digital as a Tool for Civic Engagement

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

Over the past decade, social media have played a key role in various international events that have marked the social, political and economic field: the Obama campaign in 2008, the Arab Spring in 2011 or the Wikileaks affair are clear examples of how social networks have influenced political situations around the world. The African continent has not been left behind, as from the Arab Spring to 2012, protests and democratic transitions have found a foundation through social networks.

In 2012, the first civic tech initiative to observe and monitor an electoral process via digital means (SUNU2012) was set up by Cheikh Fall, today President of AfricTivistes. From 2012 to 2015, more than a dozen initiatives were launched by young people to accompany electoral processes or responses to the demand for access to information. 

In Africa, more and more, young people are capitalising on good experience through the creation of value communities, through innovation through civic tech as well as through capacity building in the fields of social entrepreneurship, citizenship and the use of digital tools.

Cheikh Fall in conversation with Carlos Bajo.


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