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Co-creating More Plural Debates on Decidim

Canòdrom - Ateneu d'Innovació Digital i Democràtica
Carrer de Concepción Arenal 165, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya
OpenStreetMap - Carrer de Concepción Arenal 165, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

In the Decidim Labs on the topics of Feminisms and Deliberation, the community has discussed ideas and proposals to make the platform more accessible, inclusive and secure. Based on these discussions, we propose a co-creation workshop on how to implement these principles in the Debates component. The idea for this workshop stems from the needs identified in neighborhood projects across the EU, projects on creating safe(r) spaces for deliberation and collaboration, projects against misinformation among young people, and finally in the work on more participatory and inclusive governance with the Wikimedia Movement. From the collaboration with communities, Platoniq has developed design proposals for Decidim based on social justice by design. These ideas touch on the potential of the platform for deliberative participation and, specifically, on how the Debate component could be used in other ways in Decidim.

What we will do: During this workshop we want to explore how to promote and facilitate accessibility, diversity and safe(r) spaces for Debates in Decidim. In developing these proposals, we have designed and speculated what the future might look like, analyzing the needs of those communities. Our objectives in this workshop are 1) to open up this process and our participant experience research (PX) methods; 2) to co-create with the Decidim community developments and design proposals to open up and expand processes of participation and deliberation on the platform to make them more accessible, safer; 3) to collaborate on proposals for discussions to include other forms of communication and interaction, encompassing more than text-heavy communication.

Workshop methodology: The workshop is organized in the following moments: 1) introduction and identification of needs; 2) presentation of the Safe(r) Spaces methodology and co-creation methodology; 3) introduction to the practical part and implementation on canvas, analyzing on a creative matrix; 4) voting on solutions and speculative co-design for a more accessible, safer and healthier deliberative space.

Language of the workshop: Spanish or English

Made by: Platoniq (@tayrinedias) See the original proposal

* This workshops will be conducted in English.


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