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Resisting Digital Colonialism

Barcelona, Cataluña, España
OpenStreetMap - Barcelona, Cataluña, España
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

1️⃣ Keynotes:

video with English subtitles

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2️⃣ Debate:

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(This session is held in Spanish)

Digital colonialism is the new display of an almost imperial power over a large number of people, without their express consent, which is manifested in rules, designs, languages, cultures and belief systems by a widely dominant power. In the past, empires expanded their power through the control of key assets, from trade routes to oceans, from railroads to precious metals. Now, we also have the technology empires that control data and computer power to dominate the world. In this context, cities are strategic ecosystems to be recovered to create a global network of resistance as well as recovery of technology as a public common good, the technology of social possibilities, our technology. Code, public policies, new economic models and citizen participation play an essential role in this. The talk will indicate a route towards achieving this.

Moderates: Karma Peiró, journalist specializing on the Internet, Information and Communication Technologies and data journalism.

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