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The deliberative wave: where it comes from and how to catch it

Barcelona, Cataluña, España
OpenStreetMap - Barcelona, Cataluña, España
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

1️⃣ Keynotes:

(Video with English subtitles)

🎙️ xrcb | spotify | ivoox

2️⃣ Debate:

🎙️ xrcb | spotify | ivoox

(This session is held in Spanish)

In recent years, deliberative processes ( implemented by governments) involving people chosen by sortition from the citizenry to answer questions about public policy have been gaining more and more strength. In this talk we will review the main existing formats, their advantages and limitations. We will present examples of current processes, and give some clues for implementing citizens' assemblies or citizen juries at different territorial scales. 

Moderates: Olivier Schulbaum, head of R+D at Platoniq. Creativity&Democracy.

We want the community to participate, so please leave your questions in the comments section :)


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