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Before we go on holiday… a new prototype! 🏖

Avatar: Decidim Product
Decidim Product

It has been a long way and a lot of work, but finally we are arriving at the end phase of the redesign process. However, there’s still a lot of work to do in the implementation process, the redesign team has started to implement the firsts modules, so you can see how is it progressing in the PX Redesign project on GitHub.

Nowadays, we are close to finishing all the front-end views. In this prototype, you can see almost all the components and spaces, and also some of the most important workflows, such as create a new proposal or vote in a participatory budget.

Acces to see the new redesign prototype

In September, we will start reviewing the Admin Dashboard and think on how to improve it, and at some point we will ask the community for some advice ;).

Have a nice holiday!

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