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What is the summary or conclusion of this debate?

In your experience, what are the 3 most important UX pain points that you detect in Decidim?

Avatar: Official proposal Official proposal

We begin the participatory redesign process by making a general diagnosis of the main UX pain points in Decidim.

The debate was closed on 11/01/2022 18:03 with these conclusions:

Thank you all for your contributions!

It has become clear that the challenges to improve Decidim's usability are many and we must face them in order to make a qualitative leap. The team in charge of the redesign has been following the debate and has taken into account the contributions to start working. As a result we have the first Mockup where the navigation system and menus are redefined.

🖼 Check the mockup in Figma

Please focus on naming 3 pain points to narrow down the debate.

✨Participate and help us make Decidim more user friendly!

Avatar: Boris Mir
Avatar: txema
Avatar: Rober
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