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Direkt link to create new debate gives error for not logged in user

Avatar: Participation Bureau
Participation Bureau

If the user navigate directly to the page for creating a Debate and she/*/he is not logged in, she/*/he don't get redirected to the login page and there is a server error.

Test on
- Activate the ability for the user to create a new debate
- as logged in, go to the page for creating a new debate, copy the link
- paste the link on a new browser, where you are not logged in and got to the page

In my case:

User ID: Unknown
Date and time: 2024-03-13T11:57:33.477172
Request method: GET
Reference: [05f99575-f2f3-407e-852b-61db46709081]

Decidim 0.28
Device, OS and Browser irrelevant

bests piero



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