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402 proposals

Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
Terms & conditions preview is not readable on Register page
Everyone can see the activity of private processes
Processos es mostren fora dels grups
Some styles have been changed/lost in cards
Announcements on Assemblies components are not shown
Nickname prefix wraps on certain view widths
Proposed improvements to the user validation flow
Some activity types are never shown on activities block/page
Error 422 for password too short when they invite you
Extra useless button in the admin page for accountability statuses
Assemblies with child assemblies card design
The Google + sharing button should be deleted on Decidim
The reason field has been lost for impersonification
Tamaño del archivo del Documento de Identidad - Falta de aviso
Admin menu missing on assemblies
Language switcher doesn't work in Homepage widgets
The results within a project are not shown chronologically in the public view
Auto-follow enabled?
Ordenar dates de les trobades/asambleas
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