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405 proposals

Special character like ampersand not accepted on email subject
Language switcher doesn't work in Homepage widgets
Invitació a participar bloqueja el registre d'usuari
Everyone can see the activity of private processes
Autorizaciones / El Padrón
Loading wrong default locale
It is not possible to make official participant groups
Differences between Metrics and Stats
While editing my bug notification I could not acces the "attachements" box
GraphQL: Cannot return null for non-nullable field
I wasn't able to sign up via facebook/google.
En el mòdul de consultes no funcionen els components
Error 500 after creating user. Decidim Initiatives
Don't know what %{limit} is referring to on the message shown at image attached
Statistics automatically displayed when creating a new participatory process
Impossible to create component Sortitions
Con coincideixen xifres de participants
The date of the proposals does not appear on the XL card
Cannot access notifications on 0.10.x
Missing some translations for Euskera and Galician in 0.14.1
Editing homepage appearance error
Linking proposals to results for accountability
Linking Assemblies
Error relating proposal to budget projects
Raffle does not show up publicly
Problema con el servidor cuando pasas página de followers
Multiple authorship is lost when collaborative draft is published
Translation mistake on Initiatives component
"Daughters' assemblies" are still shown despite having been unpublished
Formulari d'esmenes no mostra errors de validació
Unauthorized actions with user manager roles
User mention doesn't work always
When maximum supports is 0 it shouldn't be shown the threshold
Endorsement doesn't generate notifications to followers
Crear tipos de ámbito, no funciona
As an admin, I should be able to preview an unpublished component
Assembly cards on assemblies home page display too much content
Scopes filtering is missing in Accountability component
Error on languages duplicating a meeting
Enlace Plan (pdf) roto. Redirección a portada en vez de resultado.
[Critical] Managed users with same name "steals" other person's identity
Geocoding issue with chilean addresses
Error in "follows" counter
L'enllaç del #hashtag es incorrecte
Member List Assemblies admin panel
I can't comment as a Group
A user can reply to a comment even though comments are blocked
Home blocks Processes / Assemblies are gone
Hipervínculos para seguimiento
Direkt link to create new debate gives error for not logged in user
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