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Supports are subject to the following rules:

  • You can support up to 10 proposals.
  • In order to be validated proposals need to reach 5 supports.
  • Each proposal can accumulate more than 5 supports

This proposal has been implemented

An accepted proposal that is foreseen to be included in the proposal of Internal Regulation in the category of Organs and Functions and to define if these remain as meetings of the Decidim Community and who promotes them.

Assess whether the different committees are carrying them out.

In any case the videoconferencing system has been included in the proposal of the Statutes (Art. 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 31) in the meetings of the different bodies of the association, since if it is not included in the bylaws it can be that legally is not considered a valid participation.

You can make your amendments and comments on these articles in the participatory text.

Articles that must be developed and finalized in the final document.

[ES] Dinamización de los comités de la comunidad / [EN] Dinamization of community committees

Avatar: Official proposal
Official proposal
[ES] Teniendo en cuenta la comunidad y los canales necesarios para la participación activa en la presidencia de las decisiones del proyecto y la constante constante de dinamització que cal promoure. [EN] To take care of the community and to facilitate the necessary channels for its active participation in the decision making of the project requires a constant work of dynamization that must be promoted.


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