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This proposal has been rejected because:

New "trash" folder in debate management (admin)

Avatar: Platoniq

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. In several occasions the debate component produces a lot of debates. This happen when you have one debate in an assembly, for example. As an admin, you only want to manage the "active debates". With this feature, the admin will be available to move the debate from the management folder to a "trash" folder. This would not remove the debate, but will be hidden in the management folder. Describe the solution you'd like 1- As an admin, I could move a debate from the management folder to the trash folder.

2- As an admin, I could move a debate from the trash folder to the management folder.

3- As an admin, I could not remove any debate.

Describe alternatives you've considered

In order to respect the social contract, remove the past debates (not actives) is not an option. Additional context

This only affects in the debate componente.

Also the symbol attached to "move to trash" will be better (in the image)

Does this issue could impact on users private data? No Funded by Barcelona en Comú



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