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Extend filter concept including area filter

Avatar: Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Initial situation
The decidim platforms of the cities of Zurich and Lucerne (see links below) either mainly represent assemblies (MeinQuartier.Zuerich) or participation processes (Participating in Zurich's future); or both (Dialog Luzern). Mostly assemblies are not hierarchically linked to each other. Up to and including decidim v0.26, we were able to filter processes and assemblies by scope and area. The filter by area is now "deprecated", so that we will lose flexibility with future updates because only ONE filter criterion (one-to-one) can be set with the new filter.

Furthermore, child assemblies are not shown in all various views, so that mother-child hierarchies have not yet been considered as an alternative solution to better organise the large number of assemblies.

What we are looking for

  • The assignment of a scope and an area to processes and assemblies are very important for our platforms.
  • We miss the possibility to assign several (one-to-many) scopes and several areas to each process and assembly. Practice shows that this would be very helpful in various cases.
  • It should also be possible to apply these filter criteria to child assemblies and display them by default without ignoring them at source code level.
  • ​​For processes, the scope filter depth can be defined. The same function would also be helpful for assemblies.

Solution approaches
How could one solve the challenge:

  • Leave the existing area filter in place, remove the status deprecated. 
  • In the scope as well as area filter for processes and assemblies, more than one object can be selected (one-to-many, was already suggested here).
  • Expand the meeting overview (/meetings) so that it can also be filtered by area and not only by scope.
  • Expand the area filter to include coordinate search options for objects that are anchored within a coordinate rectangle (events, proposals, organisations and processes new). The basis for this consideration is that even more objects can be geographically located and filtered.
  • Child assemblies should be able to be assigned to their own topics and areas (already possible today) and be filtered and displayed according to these.
  • Develop a concept for all filter options (categories, scopes, areas, hashtags and search function) with the aim of enabling users to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

Proposal for further action

We would like to get in touch with other Decidim users who are also interested to participate in a stronger filter concept.

A possible funding depends on what we could achieve for what budget.




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