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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

820 proposals

Adapt image (CSS) for every tenant
Registro de actividad de administradores, moderadores y verificadores
Change duration in the agenda Meetings
[EN] Improvements to amendments
Add confirmation email with answers in survey questionnaires
Let admins edit in the backend meetings that they created in the frontend (and vice-versa)
Position cursor on map to enter address
Free settings of Users Rights
Import projects into a budget from a file
As a user I can edit my comment
Challenges module
Let's go impulse shopping for budgeting projects
Do not ask for user name during registration
Include a bit of additional details in the HTTP 500 error page message
Notifications digest
Nuevo espacio de multiconsultas
Proposal preview - Show the whole content and attachments
Better handling of the date in Notifications
Create image galleries in proposals
Include content from the help/pages section within the site search
Online meetings option
Añadir un contador de comentarios en cada tarjeta de propuesta dentro de la página listado de propuestas
Enable feature duplication
Dereference (new) profile pages to limit spam exposure and disincentivise spam accounts
Incluir "Grupo de Procesos" dentro de "Procesos" en el menú del panel de Admin
Rebre notificació quan t'inclouen a una Assemblea
Incloure usuaris gestionats al Recompte total
Ampliar opcions de l'editor de text.
Damage (& Idea-) Report
Archiving and anonymising processes [admin comfort + traceability + GDPR]
We should always display "The process" tab
Visibility and access to online meeting rooms
Accountability from the front-office
Make the order criteria for comments configurable from the admin
Inserció d'imatges barrejades amb text
Duplicate questions in consultations
Multilingual Proposal entry
Showcase winning projects in budgets
Possibility to configure the participatory space navigation
Add text edition features for the report field when closing a meeting
Duplicar un formulari d'inscripció al component trobades
Improve admin workflow to block “spam users”
[EN] Chronologically order participatory processes and assemblies / [ES] Ordenar cronológicament los procesos participativos, asambleas y cons
Descentralización e integridad
Implementación de un plan de civic engagement en la plataforma
Añadir filtros para navegar en los encuentros presenciales
Add statistics block to show proposal repartition in categories and areas
Link to notifications settings in every email notification
Review Admin Log notifications
General Assembly
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